Enhance Beauty

Radix uses a mix of organic, spices, teas, salts and clays, to formulate a bodywrap that will not only help promote the elimination of unwanted toxins, but will activate the body's own natrual process to lose unwanted weight in problem areas. 

Elevate Fitness

Radix is an innovator in the home fitness industry. Our specialized technique of using a combination of EMS and personal training in the comforts of your own home will give you the results you've wanted in far less time than traditional routes. A 20-minute training session replaces eight training sessions with conventional fitness equipment alone. Our clients improve their physical fitness with the Electro Muscular Stimulation and strength training of  their muscle structure while similtaniously burning fat cells. 

Eliminate Pain

Let Radix finally eliminate the unwanted pain you are suffering from. With the use of TENS, EMS, stretching and strengthing, a Radix specialist will begin to eliminate your pain on day one of your spealized program. 


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